MEN R US LOGO SQ PNG [SEPT 2016]Exasperated by unhelpful Internet search results, we wanted our health, life, and well-being stuff in one place. So we got off our arses and built an independent free-access website that joins up the dots with trusted links to further info, support and reading.

MEN R US is an encyclopaedic life manual and our take on what it is to be gay today. It’s not perfect, it’s sometimes messy but it’s ours! And we didn’t want ads, pop-ups, and banners; or content drained of humour, or coiffured to within an inch of its life. While content more is London-focused we are changing this now.

MEN R US is comprised of 6 key sections: YOU, MEN, BODY, SEX, STIs and DRUGS containing 183,000+ words (Novermber 2018) with 1,986 links to further information, support and reading. At an average reading speed it will take you around 12½ hours to read MEN R US in one go – without clicking the 100s of links or watching any of the films.

MEN R US has its own website at MENRUS.CO.UK