Range of printed resources with which to encourage conversations around safer chemsex, and health and well-being. Suitable for individuals and/ or staff working in emergency departments, health promotion, and sexual health settings.

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Currently being piloted in Greater London A&E departments. Feedback includes The “Hook-Up Safer” booklet most useful [to staff] as a conversation starter. The “Rights on Arrest” booklet helps staff when there has been police involvement, in some cases clarifying if a crime has been committed. Also helps patients understand the legal side of the decisions they are making. The “Safer Chemsex booklet” is most useful [to staff] when seeing patients presenting with post sexual exposure. Content is tailored to the patient’s needs. Also helps guide staff to ask questions they wouldn’t think of and see patients in a more holistic non-judgmental way. More effective use of staff time and a better outcome for patients.

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