Bigger Better

In August (21st-22nd), Three Flying Piglets is making a short film for Bloomsbury Ward Councillors promoting a greener Camden.

We are filming on location in some of Bloomsbury’s open spaces including Russell Square, Tavistock Square Gardens, and Brunswick Square Gardens.

We are seeking a handful of volunteer presenters to each read 2-3 lines to camera. The lines will be written on a large cue card. For example:

“More people travelling in healthier ways helps the environment. It keeps them fitter, reduces the danger motor vehicles pose to the most vulnerable, and cuts air pollution and carbon emissions.”

You don’t need any specialist knowledge to join us, just bring commitment, a sense of humour and a willingness to learn on the hoof.

Other things you need to know

  • Depending on the weather, traffic (noise), etc, each volunteer usually takes an hour to film, on a project like this.
  • There will be a very small crew of two: a director and cameraman (both COVID vaccinated).
  • In terms of how the film will look here is a link to a short film we made along similar lines.
  • You will be credited at the end of the film (unless you say otherwise).
  • £10 volunteer travel and subsistence expenses are available on the day.

To apply

Simply complete this form to apply. We are often over-subscribed for these projects but we will contact you (either way) by phone or Zoom for a chat by 23rd July 2021.